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FREE Hypnosis Workshop for Smoking Cessation - May 8, 2015

Open to all Vassar Employees and Vassar Students with Frayda Kafka CHT

May 8, 2015
Multi-Purpose Room (#223)
Main Building
Two sessions will be offered: 12:00-1:00 and 2:45-3:45
RSVP is required

Please RSVP to Sarah Bakke at sabakke@vassar.edu or ext. 5819 by Friday, May 1

Whether you have been trying to stop for years or have just decided that now is the time to end the habit, hypnosis is a tried and true method of smoke cessation.

After the deeply relaxing group experience, you will learn a simple, 30 second method of self hypnosis which you can use wherever you are, any time you think of smoking.

Hypnosis is a form of highly focused attention, an induced state of mind that enables people to alter the way they perceive and process reality. Almost anyone of average intelligence can be hypnotized and once you realize that you are awake, aware, and in control, you will find the experience quite enjoyable.

Special suggestions will be given to make sure you don’t gain weight. Helpful tips for diet, supplements and exercise will be discussed.     

If you plan to stop on the day of the workshop, please smoke your last cigarette before the session. 

Frayda Kafka is a therapeutic hypnotist who has been practicing for over 35 years. During the last 20 years, she has specialized in short term work and has taught self hypnosis at Benedictine Hospital, Bard College, The Mental Health associations of Ulster and Dutchess counties, Hospice and other public and private institutions.

Completely smoke free since 1976, she was a three pack a day Camel smoker!   Frayda is known for her warm, light manner and quick results.  

Phone: 845-336-4646    
email: AskFrayda@Gmail.com  
website: www.CallTheHypnotist.com